About the Company and Structure

With a unique and totally innovative design, ELO designed its new unit, following international standards, in a plant with an unprecedented manufacturing process in Brazil.

Aiming to give more competitiveness, expanding its market share and thus adding economic value and profitability allowing the country to compete in the international market, generating international visibility for Brazil.

New headquarters conceived in the concept of “Fábrica Verde”, offers natural lighting, reflective rails, more efficient light bulbs, cistern to capture rainwater, hydraulic valves type 1 and type 2 for less water consumption, inverter type air conditioning with consumption of energy up to 40% lower, liner with thermal insulation type Isover.

  • High value added through automated system in the manufacturing unit;
    Unit audited and authorized by Inmetro to carry out self-verification;
    All factory area with controlled and monitored temperature;
    Layout of cellular production with supply via kanban according to lean production concepts;
  • Follow-up of the production with andons, within the concept of management in sight, using 42 “LCD monitors;
  • ESD (electrostatic discharge) control in the productive environment, providing total protection in the handling of components and electrostatic sensitive electronic modules;
  • World-class suppliers;

Market of Performance

Elo is a fully Brazilian technology and capital company, with the main customers being the 40 largest Electric Energy Distributors in Brazil, which serve approximately 55 million consumer points, according to data from December 2005 of ABRADEE – Brazilian Association of Distributors of Electricity.

Elo equipments are used to obtain data for billing and commercialization of electric energy, by means of the control measurement of anti-fraud devices. They are also applied to the distribution network analysis, aiming at reducing losses and also in energy management.

The technology employed allows remote data collection of electronic meters, making it easier to obtain these results and to process the information through analysis applications.

In addition to producing electricity meters and other products related to electricity metering, Elo provides customer service services such as maintenance, support and training of operators of its products.

Certified by ISO 9001: 2008, it has been concentrating its efforts on researching new materials, products, systems and services that exceed the level of quality demanded by the market.



Develop, manufacture and supply products with quality, accuracy and robustness that meet the operating and regulatory conditions of the tariff systems.


  • Ethics and transparency
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Commitment

Ethics and Compliance

In this space you will find the main guidelines on ethics and compliance at Elo Sistemas, you will have access to the code of Ethical Conduct and can report ethical concerns through the complaint channel.