Complete Power Analyzer. Allow diagnostics on the operating conditions and connection of the measurement set.

Fratelo is the portable field inspection meter. Its electrical and physical characteristics are better for the user to perform inspections on electrical energy measurements, from consumer units in general.

As an electronic multifunction meter it replaces to a large advantage conventional devices used as voltmeters, ammeters, phasors, wattmeters, standard meters, etc.

Operating as a complete power analyzer and incorporating the functions of a modern “standard meter”, it allows for quick and efficient diagnostics of the operating conditions and connection of the measuring set.

It is a valuable tool for maintenance centers, laboratories, measurement service providers and technical education institutions.

Main Features

Multimeter of electrical quantities.
Portable, lightweight and compact.
Measures and records all data from the “Fiscal Page” ®.
It surveys and records metrological “errors” of Wh and varh meters, single-phase, two-phase or three-phase, electronic or electromechanical, star or delta connection.
Potential circuit: 40 to 300 V ac (phase and neutral).
Current circuit: 0.01A to 100A, using external current transformers, appropriate “CLAMPS” calibrated in conjunction with the instrument.
Optionally special, external, high accuracy sensors can be supplied – manufacture “ELO”, range from 0.1 to 120A.
It can operate autonomously or computer-assisted.
It has autonomy to store up to 2000 records.
Extra light weight – weighs only 1,350 gr.


Independente e monofásica ou interna e trifásica.
80 a 300 V ca.
100 a 300 V cc.


For connection with special ELO sensor:

Wh 0.25% / (F.P)
Varh: 0.4%
Other quantities: 0.5%

With the use of calibrated “CLAMPS”

Wh: 0.5% / (F.P)
Varh: 1.0%
Other quantities: 1%


144mm x 144mm x 162mm

Product benefited by the Informatics Legislation. (Article 48 of Decree No. 5.906 / 06).




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