Electronic Class B Electric Meter, recommended for indirect three-phase electric metering in the charging of the consumers of the group connected in high voltage with connection up to 20A. The meter provides from the measurement of active energy and reactive the active and reactive power demand values.
Measurement and recording occur in all four quadrants (bidirectional).
The meter has mass memory capable of storing the data of active energy, reactive and demand considered the direct flow and power reverse.

Technical Characteristics

Rated Voltage: 120V and / or 220V
Power supply: 80V to 280V
Rated Current: 2.5A
Current Max: 20A
Measurement of active and reactive energy
Connection: 3 phase (4 wires)
Communication Interfaces: Optical, RS232 or RS485
Internal cut-off / reclosing relay to the meter with switch buttons on the panel;
Sensors for removing the terminal block cover and meter panel (optional);
Meter tilt sensing sensor (optional);

Product benefited by the Informatics Legislation. (Article 48 of Decree No. 5.906 / 06).


Height: 212.3 mm
Width: 178.3 mm
Depth: 125.5 mm




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