Software developed for the purpose of reading and programming the standard ABNT meters

ELO.71 is software that allows the user to program and read ABNT standard electronic meters. Both programming and reading are done through a direct connection of the microcomputer running the ELO.71 with the meter through the serial port of this microcomputer.

All parameter setting and meter reading features are available in a comfortable and intuitive way. ELO.71 is an important tool, which includes the latest meter change commands on the well-known Windows platform.

ELO.71 also allows another important operation: viewing the fiscal page in real time to see how the meter is installed.

Comes with communication cable Meter-Computer.

Installation Requirements

  • PC-type microcomputer (Pentium III or better);
  • Hard disk with 5 Mbyte free space;
  • Flexible disk drive;
  • Operating system Windows 95/98/2000 / XP;
  • VGA video monitor;
  • Serial USB or RS232 port;
  • 64 Mb of RAM (128 Mb recommended).

Product benefited by the Informatics Legislation. (Article 48 of Decree No. 5.906 / 06).


Software 64bits

Software 32bits

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