This program is intended for the collection and analysis of MMS files of the MUG.

Program for analysis of measurement records made by the MUG – Universal Meter of Measurements in its models ELO.621, ELO.631 and ELO.2160, for use in microcomputers compatible with IBM standard PC with Windows 95 System, allowing the processing of data, generation (on-screen or printer) of graphs and reports on recorded quantities, disk storage and on-line monitoring of these quantities.

Installation Requirements

• PC / IBM-type microcomputer (Pentium III or better);
• Windows 95/98/2000 system;
• 32 Mb of RAM (64 MB recommended);
• Hard disk with 10 Mb available (initial).

Product benefited by the Informatics Legislation. (Article 48 of Decree No. 5.906 / 06).


Software 32bits

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