Program for the analysis of Readings of files have the format at (@)

The ELO.50 is a data analysis program contained in meter readings and ABNT standard electric energy recorders used in electric billing. It can analyze bidirectional meter information, standard ABNT.

The program generates reports and graphs for analysis, video or printer, showing the load curve, energy totalizers, power failures and fiscal page of the meters that record this information.

The ELO.50 offers complete accuracy in the verification of the readings, guaranteeing the highest reliability and quality of service to the energy concessionaires and, consequently, to its consuming customers.

The analyzes made are based on three-phase rules in force in Brazil.

Installation Requirements

  • PC-type microcomputer (Pentium III or better);
  • Hard disk with 3 Mbyte free space;
  • Flexible disk drive;
  • Operating system Windows 95/98/2000;
  • GA or VGA video monitor;
  • Graphic printer.
  • 64 Mb of RAM (128 Mb recommended).

Product benefited by the Informatics Legislation. (Article 48 of Decree No. 5.906 / 06).


Software 64bits

Software 32bits

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