ELO participates in the biggest event in the electric sector in Brazil

Elo Sistemas Eletrônicos S/A was present at Sendi 2018 heldfrom 20 to 23 November in Fortaleza/CE.
The event was a success and we only have to thank everyonewho was part of that moment full of energy and in particular the support of all partners: :
Embratel, Way2, Atech, Cisco, Itron, ATI, SmartGreen, M2M, SSE, CAS, Desh, MGE, Engecomp, CCK, OneRF, Quadrar  and its collaborators! 


Telemetry and monitoring

Monitoring, Telemetry and Cost distribution

Cost Distribution in Shopping malls
-Measurement and individual access for each condominium
-Consolidation of all expenses items effectively verified
-Calculation of the energy cost (in R $/KWh) to be prorated by the units
-Application of this cost (in R $/kWh) on the consumption of each unit

Sectoral measurements in industries
-Estimation of energy costs per sector or production line
-Definition of targets by sector, motivating efficient consumption actions
-Identification of abnormal consumption to detect fraud and waste
-Application of this cost (in R $/kWh) on the consumption of each unit
-Standardisation of consumption per production unit/hours worked

Monitoring via Internet


Various models of meters: 
-Direct or indirect measurement
-Models with or without display
-Models for door mounting or panel background
-Compact TCs type “split-core”

Various communication technologies:
-Modbus protocol in RS-485 networks
-Internet access via GPRS-3G-4G-Ethernet
-Sigfox IoT


ELO4550Q Portable Power Quality Analyzer

The ELO4550Q Power Quality Analyzer is a portable meter suitable for roving measurements that has technical and mechanical characteristics that provide the best results in this type of application.
The ELO4550Q measures Active and Reactive Electrical Energy in three-phase networks with class 0.2% of the bottom of the scale. Measurement occurs through the use of the accessories that come with the Analyzer. They are cables with Rugowski type current transformers for maximum current of 50 A, 500 A or 5000 A and cables for the voltage inputs of 30 V to 500 V in alternating current.
The intended application takes this analyzer to degree of protection IP65. The panel with the display, programming keys and communication interface are housed by the airtight lid that this analyzer has. Alternatively this enclosure may have a tab for attaching the analyzer to the installation site through tapes.
The ELO4550Q meter has a communication interface – Ethernet port. It also has mass memory to store measured quantities and events. The meter can be accompanied by a program to perform the communication and the collection of the recorded data.
The measurement and recording of active and reactive energy occur in the four quadrants (bidirectional) l.